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300$ beats online Free Shipping Samsung phones Which added: want to buy a new mobile phone, the Will Which phone 3000 yuan .3000 level was undoubtedly the I9000, i9000 Galaxy S Series I9000 thin body (9.9 mm), large screen (4.0 inches), the ultra-fine display (Super AMOLED screen). Everything This is the Samsung the history of the most powerful Android phone. "Galaxy" means the Galaxy from the word when We can also see in the degree of attention of the Sanxingdui this phone. 1GHz processor, Android2.1 (recently will be updated to 2.3) + TouchWiz3.0 interface, a combination of both to let people experience the richness of the Android system also reflects the differentiation.

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Free Shipping beats online Popular smartphone _3000 yuan popular smartphone Recommended popular smart phone is usually about 3000 belong to the high-end series of smart phones, these high-end smart phone not only equipped with the mobile phone market is more mainstream hardware configuration, but also on the market in about 3000's position is pivotal.

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Recommended 1999 yuan millet phone large screen phone, but equipped with a Qualcomm 1.5GHz dual-core CPU, 1GB of RAM, 4GB of ROM, and Sharp 4-inch screen, and is equipped with a 1930 mA battery. Performance is outstanding. View300$ beats Free Shipping